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  1. racket(noun)

    a loud and disturbing noise

  2. racket, fraudulent scheme, illegitimate enterprise(noun)

    an illegal enterprise (such as extortion or fraud or drug peddling or prostitution) carried on for profit

  3. noise, dissonance, racket(noun)

    the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality; sound that is a disagreeable auditory experience

    "modern music is just noise to me"

  4. racket, racquet(verb)

    a sports implement (usually consisting of a handle and an oval frame with a tightly interlaced network of strings) used to strike a ball (or shuttlecock) in various games

  5. revel, racket, make whoopie, make merry, make happy, whoop it up, jollify, wassail(verb)

    celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities

    "The members of the wedding party made merry all night"; "Let's whoop it up--the boss is gone!"

  6. racket(verb)

    make loud and annoying noises

  7. racket(verb)

    hit (a ball) with a racket

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  1. Racket(n.)

    an organized illegal activity, such as illegal gambling, bootlegging, or extortion.

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  1. Racket(noun)

    a thin strip of wood, having the ends brought together, forming a somewhat elliptical hoop, across which a network of catgut or cord is stretched. It is furnished with a handle, and is used for catching or striking a ball in tennis and similar games

  2. Racket(noun)

    a variety of the game of tennis played with peculiar long-handled rackets; -- chiefly in the plural

  3. Racket(noun)

    a snowshoe formed of cords stretched across a long and narrow frame of light wood

  4. Racket(noun)

    a broad wooden shoe or patten for a man or horse, to enable him to step on marshy or soft ground

  5. Racket(verb)

    to strike with, or as with, a racket

  6. Racket(noun)

    confused, clattering noise; din; noisy talk or sport

  7. Racket(noun)

    a carouse; any reckless dissipation

  8. Racket(verb)

    to make a confused noise or racket

  9. Racket(verb)

    to engage in noisy sport; to frolic

  10. Racket(verb)

    to carouse or engage in dissipation

  11. Origin: [Gael. racaid a noise, disturbance.]

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  1. Racket

    A racket or racquet is a sports implement consisting of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of cord is stretched tightly. It is used for striking a ball in such games as squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Collectively, these games are known as racquet sports. The frame of rackets for all sports was traditionally made of laminated wood and the strings of animal intestine known as catgut. The traditional racket size was limited by the strength and weight of the wooden frame which had to be strong enough to hold the strings and stiff enough to hit the ball or shuttle. Manufacturers started adding non-wood laminates to wood rackets to improve stiffness. Non-wood rackets were made first of steel, then of aluminium, and then carbon fiber composites. Wood is still used for real tennis, rackets, and xare. Most rackets are now made of composite materials including carbon fibre, fiberglass, metals such as titanium alloys or ceramics. Gut has partially been replaced by synthetic materials including nylon, polyamide, and other polymers. Rackets are restrung when necessary, which may be after every match for a professional or never for a social player.

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