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  1. rack(noun)

    framework for holding objects

  2. rack(noun)

    rib section of a forequarter of veal or pork or especially lamb or mutton

  3. wrack, rack(noun)

    the destruction or collapse of something

    "wrack and ruin"

  4. rack, wheel(noun)

    an instrument of torture that stretches or disjoints or mutilates victims

  5. rack, stand(noun)

    a support for displaying various articles

    "the newspapers were arranged on a rack"

  6. rack(noun)

    a form of torture in which pain is inflicted by stretching the body

  7. rack, single-foot(verb)

    a rapid gait of a horse in which each foot strikes the ground separately

  8. single-foot, rack(verb)

    go at a rack

    "the horses single-footed"

  9. rack(verb)

    stretch to the limits

    "rack one's brains"

  10. rack(verb)

    put on a rack and pinion

    "rack a camera"

  11. extort, squeeze, rack, gouge, wring(verb)

    obtain by coercion or intimidation

    "They extorted money from the executive by threatening to reveal his past to the company boss"; "They squeezed money from the owner of the business by threatening him"

  12. scud, rack(verb)

    run before a gale

  13. rack(verb)

    fly in high wind

  14. rack(verb)

    draw off from the lees

    "rack wine"

  15. torment, torture, excruciate, rack(verb)

    torment emotionally or mentally

  16. rack(verb)

    work on a rack

    "rack leather"

  17. rack(verb)

    seize together, as of parallel ropes of a tackle in order to prevent running through the block

  18. rack(verb)

    torture on the rack

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  1. Rack(noun)

    same as Arrack

  2. Rack(noun)

    the neck and spine of a fore quarter of veal or mutton

  3. Rack(noun)

    a wreck; destruction

  4. Rack(noun)

    thin, flying, broken clouds, or any portion of floating vapor in the sky

  5. Rack(verb)

    to fly, as vapor or broken clouds

  6. Rack

    to amble fast, causing a rocking or swaying motion of the body; to pace; -- said of a horse

  7. Rack(noun)

    a fast amble

  8. Rack(verb)

    to draw off from the lees or sediment, as wine

  9. Rack(adj)

    an instrument or frame used for stretching, extending, retaining, or displaying, something

  10. Rack(adj)

    an engine of torture, consisting of a large frame, upon which the body was gradually stretched until, sometimes, the joints were dislocated; -- formerly used judicially for extorting confessions from criminals or suspected persons

  11. Rack(adj)

    an instrument for bending a bow

  12. Rack(adj)

    a grate on which bacon is laid

  13. Rack(adj)

    a frame or device of various construction for holding, and preventing the waste of, hay, grain, etc., supplied to beasts

  14. Rack(adj)

    a frame on which articles are deposited for keeping or arranged for display; as, a clothes rack; a bottle rack, etc

  15. Rack(adj)

    a piece or frame of wood, having several sheaves, through which the running rigging passes; -- called also rack block. Also, a frame to hold shot

  16. Rack(adj)

    a frame or table on which ores are separated or washed

  17. Rack(adj)

    a frame fitted to a wagon for carrying hay, straw, or grain on the stalk, or other bulky loads

  18. Rack(adj)

    a distaff

  19. Rack(adj)

    a bar with teeth on its face, or edge, to work with those of a wheel, pinion, or worm, which is to drive it or be driven by it

  20. Rack(adj)

    that which is extorted; exaction

  21. Rack(verb)

    to extend by the application of force; to stretch or strain; specifically, to stretch on the rack or wheel; to torture by an engine which strains the limbs and pulls the joints

  22. Rack(verb)

    to torment; to torture; to affect with extreme pain or anguish

  23. Rack(verb)

    to stretch or strain, in a figurative sense; hence, to harass, or oppress by extortion

  24. Rack(verb)

    to wash on a rack, as metals or ore

  25. Rack(verb)

    to bind together, as two ropes, with cross turns of yarn, marline, etc

  26. Origin: [See Wreck.]

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  1. Rack

    A rack is the name given to a frame used to organize billiard balls at the beginning of a game. Rack may also be used as a verb to describe the act of setting billiard balls in starting position in billiards games that make use of racks, as well as a noun to describe the balls in that starting position. The most common shape of a physical rack is that of a triangle, with the ball pattern of 5-4-3-2-1. Racks are sometimes called simply "triangles" based on the predominance of this form. Triangular-shaped racks are used for eight-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, bank pool, snooker and many other games. Although diamond-shaped racks, with an intended pattern of 1-2-3-2-1, are made for the game of nine-ball, the triangular rack is more often employed in nine ball as well.

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  1. Rack

    an instrument of torture; consisted of an oblong wooden frame, fitted with cords and levers, by means of which the victim's limbs were racked to the point of dislocation; dates back to Roman times, and was used against the early Christians; much resorted to by the Spanish Inquisition, and also at times by the Tudor monarchs of England, though subsequently prohibited by law in England.

Translations for rack

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  • pitrera, poltreCatalan, Valencian
  • skřipecCzech
  • Streckbank, RegalGerman
  • estante, potroSpanish
  • naulakko, teline, räkki, rinnat, piinapenkkiFinnish
  • nibards, carré, étagère, lolos, chevalet, devantureFrench
  • raca, raca céasta, brollach, cliabhIrish
  • գելարան, գելոցArmenian
  • eculeo, rastrellieraItalian
  • pluteus, equuleusLatin
  • tīrewaMāori
  • pijnbank, rek, klarenDutch
  • żeberkaPolish
  • armário, cavalete, estantePortuguese
  • стелла́ж, буфера́, ды́ба, ве́шалка, по́лка, этаже́ркаRussian
  • hylla, klädhängare, sträckbänk, revbensspjällSwedish

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