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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rabid(adj)

    of or infected by rabies

  2. fanatic, fanatical, overzealous, rabid(adj)

    marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

    "rabid isolationist"


  1. rabid(Adjective)

    Affected with rabies.

    a rabid dog or fox

  2. rabid(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia.

    a rabid virus

  3. rabid(Adjective)

    Furious; raging; extremely violent.

  4. rabid(Adjective)

    very extreme, unreasonable, or fanatical in opinion; excessively zealous; comparable to one with rabies.

  5. Origin: From the Latin rabidus, from rabere, or to rave.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rabid(noun)

    furious; raging; extremely violent

  2. Rabid(noun)

    extreme, unreasonable, or fanatical in opinion; excessively zealous; as, a rabid socialist

  3. Rabid(noun)

    affected with the distemper called rabies; mad; as, a rabid dog or fox

  4. Rabid(noun)

    of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia; as, rabid virus

  5. Origin: [L. rabidus, from rabere to rave. See Rage, n.]


  1. Rabid

    Rabid is a 1977 Canadian horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg. It features Marilyn Chambers in the lead role, supported by Frank Moore, Howard Ryshpan, Joe Silver and Robert A. Silverman. Chambers plays a woman who, after being injured in a motorcycle accident and undergoing a surgical operation, develops an orifice under one of her armpits. The orifice hides a phallic stinger that she uses to feed on people's blood. Those she feeds upon become rabid zombies, whose bite spreads the disease. The film has had mostly mixed reviews and received a rating of 61% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rabid

    rab′id, adj. furious: mad: affected with rabies, as a dog: foolishly intense.—adj. Rab′ic, pertaining to rabies.—adv. Rab′idly.—ns. Rab′idness; Rā′bies, the disease (esp. of dogs) from which hydrophobia is communicated: canine madness.—adjs. Rābiet′ic, resembling madness; Rābif′ic, communicating hydrophobia; Rā′bious, raging. [L. rabidusrabĕre, to rave.]


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    The numerical value of rabid in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

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