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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quo•tid•i•ankwoʊˈtɪd i ən(adj.)

  1. daily:

    a quotidian report.

  2. ordinary; everyday.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  3. recurring daily:

    quotidian fever.

    Category: Pathology

  4. (n.)something recurring daily.

  5. a quotidian fever or ague.

    Category: Pathology

Origin of quotidian:

1300–50; ME cotidien (< OF) < L quotīdiānus, cottīdiānus daily =cottīdi(ē) every day (adv.) (*quot(t)ī a locative form akin to quot however many occur, every +diē, abl. of diēs day; cf. meridian ) +-ānus -an1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. everyday, mundane, quotidian, routine, unremarkable, workaday(adj)

    found in the ordinary course of events

    "a placid everyday scene"; "it was a routine day"; "there's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute"- Anita Diamant


  1. quotidian(Noun)

    A fever which recurs every day; quotidian malaria.

  2. quotidian(Noun)

    A daily allowance formerly paid to certain members of the clergy.

  3. quotidian(Noun)

    Commonplace or mundane things regarded as a class.

  4. quotidian(Adjective)

    Recurring every twenty-four hours or (more generally) daily (of symptoms etc.).

  5. quotidian(Adjective)

    Happening every day; daily.

  6. quotidian(Adjective)

    Having the characteristics of something which can be seen, experienced etc. every day or very commonly; commonplace, ordinary; trivial, mundane.

  7. Origin: From cotidian, cotidien, cotidian, cotidien, and their source, cottidianus, quotidianus, from adverb cottidie, quotidie, from an unattested adjective derived from quot + locative form of dies.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quotidian(adj)

    occurring or returning daily; as, a quotidian fever

  2. Quotidian(noun)

    anything returning daily; especially (Med.), an intermittent fever or ague which returns every day


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