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  1. quoth(Verb)

    ; said

  2. Origin: cwæþ

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quoth(verb)

    said; spoke; uttered; -- used only in the first and third persons in the past tenses, and always followed by its nominative, the word or words said being the object; as, quoth I. quoth he

  2. Origin: [AS. cwean, imp cw, pl. cwdon; akin to OS. quean, OHG. quethan, quedan, Icel. kvea, Goth. qian. 22. Cf. Bequeath.]


  1. Quoth

    Quoth is a single released by Richard D. James under the alias "Polygon Window". "Quoth" appears on the album Surfing On Sine Waves. Quoth was released as a single on transparent vinyl and CD, accompanied with two remixes of the title track, and two exclusive non-album tracks. The single was released and then deleted from Warp's catalogue in the same day.

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