Definitions for quintuplekwɪnˈtu pəl, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp əl, ˈkwɪn tʊ pəl, -tyʊ-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quin•tu•plekwɪnˈtu pəl, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp əl, ˈkwɪn tʊ pəl, -tyʊ-(adj.; n.; v.)-pled, -pling.

  1. (adj.)fivefold; consisting of five parts.

  2. five times as great or as much.

  3. having five beats to a musical measure.

    Category: Music and Dance

  4. (n.)a number, amount, etc., five times as great as another.

  5. (v.i.)to make or become five times as great.

Origin of quintuple:

1560–70; < MF < NL or ML quīntuplus, der. of quīntusfifth

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quintet, quintette, quintuplet, quintuple(adj)

    a set of five similar things considered as a unit

  2. quintuple, fivefold, five-fold(verb)

    having five units or components

  3. quintuple(verb)

    increase fivefold

    "The population of China quintupled"


  1. quintuple(Noun)

    a fivefold amount

  2. quintuple(Verb)

    to multiply something (or be multiplied) by five

  3. quintuple(Adjective)

    having five parts or members

  4. quintuple(Adjective)

    five times as much

  5. Origin: From quintuple.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quintuple(adj)

    multiplied by five; increased to five times the amount; fivefold

  2. Quintuple(verb)

    to make fivefold, or five times as much or many


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