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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quat•rainˈkwɒ treɪn(n.)

  1. a stanza or poem of four lines, usu. with alternate rhymes.

    Category: Prosody

Origin of quatrain:

1575–85; < F, =quatrefour (< L quattuor) +-ain < L -ānus -an1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quatrain(noun)

    a stanza of four lines


  1. quatrain(Noun)

    a poem in four lines

  2. quatrain(Noun)

    a stanza of four lines

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quatrain(noun)

    a stanza of four lines rhyming alternately


  1. Quatrain

    A quatrain is a type of stanza, or a complete poem, consisting of four lines. Existing in various forms, the quatrain appears in poems from the poetic traditions of various ancient civilizations including Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and China; and, continues into the 21st century, where it is seen in works published in many languages. During Europe's Dark Ages, in the Middle East and especially Iran, polymath poets such as Omar Khayyam continued to popularize this form of poetry, also known as Ruba'i, well beyond their borders and time. There are twelve possible rhyme schemes, but the most traditional and common are: AAAA, AABB, and ABAB.


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