Definitions for quasarˈkweɪ zɑr, -zər, -sɑr, -sər

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

qua•sarˈkweɪ zɑr, -zər, -sɑr, -sər(n.)

  1. any of numerous starlike extragalactic objects that may be the most distant and brightest objects in the universe.

    Category: Astronomy

Origin of quasar:

1964; quas(i-stell)ar, in quasi-stellar radio source, the first type of quasar discovered

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quasar, quasi-stellar radio source(noun)

    a starlike object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy; many have large red shifts


  1. quasar(Noun)

    An extragalactic object, starlike in appearance, that is among the most luminous and thought to be the most distant objects in the universe.

  2. Origin: From quasi-stellar radio source.


  1. Quasar

    A quasi-stellar radio source is a very energetic and distant active galactic nucleus. Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies. While the nature of these objects was controversial until as recently as the early 1980s, there is now a scientific consensus that a quasar is a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy, that surrounds its central supermassive black hole. Its size is 10–10,000 times the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. The quasar is powered by an accretion disc around the black hole.

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a star-like object which gives out light and radio waves.

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