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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quar•tanˈkwɔr tn(adj.)

  1. recurring every fourth day, both days of consecutive occurrence being counted:

    quartan fevers.

    Category: Pathology

  2. (n.)a quartan fever, ague, etc.

    Category: Pathology

Origin of quartan:

1250–1300; ME quartaine < OF < L (febris) quārtāna quartan (fever), fr. quārt(us)fourth+-ānus -an1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quartan(adj)

    a malarial fever that recurs every fourth day

  2. quartan(adj)

    occurring every fourth day (especially the fever and weakness of malaria)

    "quartan malaria"


  1. quartan(Noun)

    A fever whose symptoms recur every four days.

  2. quartan(Adjective)

    Recurring every four days; especially in designating a form of malaria with such symptoms.

  3. Origin: quartaine, quartaine, from quartana (short for febris quartana), noun use of feminine form of quartanus, from quartus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quartan(adj)

    of or pertaining to the fourth; occurring every fourth day, reckoning inclusively; as, a quartan ague, or fever

  2. Quartan(noun)

    an intermittent fever which returns every fourth day, reckoning inclusively, that is, one in which the interval between paroxysms is two days

  3. Quartan(noun)

    a measure, the fourth part of some other measure


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