Definitions for quadrigakwɒˈdri gə, -ˈdraɪ-; kwɒˈdri gaɪ, -ˈdraɪ dʒi

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quad•ri•gakwɒˈdri gə, -ˈdraɪ-; kwɒˈdri gaɪ, -ˈdraɪ dʒi(n.)(pl.)quad•ri•gae

  1. a chariot drawn by four horses harnessed abreast.

    Category: Antiquities

Origin of quadriga:

1720–30; < L quadrīga, earlier quadrīgae, contr. of quadrijugae a team of four


  1. quadriga(Noun)

    A Roman racing chariot drawn by four horses abreast.

  2. quadriga(Noun)

    A team of four horses, especially as used in chariot racing.

  3. Origin: From quadrigae, literally "four yoked" (quattuor "four" + iugum "yoke").

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadriga(noun)

    a car or chariot drawn by four horses abreast


  1. Quadriga

    A quadriga is a car or chariot drawn by four horses abreast. It was raced in the Ancient Olympic Games and other contests. It is represented in profile as the chariot of gods and heroes on Greek vases and in bas-relief. The quadriga was adopted in ancient Roman chariot racing. Quadrigas were emblems of triumph; Victory and Fame often are depicted as the triumphant woman driving it. In classical mythology, the quadriga is the chariot of the gods; Apollo was depicted driving his quadriga across the heavens, delivering daylight and dispersing the night. The word quadriga may refer to the chariot alone, the four horses without it, or the combination.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Quadriga

    a two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses abreast, used in the ancient chariot races.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a two-wheeled vehicle used in ancient warfare or racing.

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