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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quad•ra•tureˈkwɒd rə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər(n.)

  1. the act of squaring.

    Category: Math

  2. the act or process of finding a square equal in area to a given surface, esp. a surface bounded by a curve. a definite integral.

    Category: Math

  3. the situation of two heavenly bodies when their longitudes differ by 90°. either of the two points in the orbit of a body, as the moon, midway between the syzygies.

    Category: Astronomy

Origin of quadrature:

1545–55; < L quadrātūra =quadrāt(us), ptp. of quadrāre (see quadrate ) +-ūra -ure

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quadrature(noun)

    the construction of a square having the same area as some other figure


  1. quadrature(Noun)

    the process of making something square; squaring

  2. quadrature(Noun)

    a situation in which three celestial bodies form a right-angled triangle, the observer being located at the right angle

    When the Moon is in quadrature, it appears in the sky as a half-moon.

  3. quadrature(Noun)

    the condition in which the phase angle between two alternating quantities is 90u00B0

  4. quadrature(Noun)

    A painting painted on a wooden panel

  5. Origin: From quadratura.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadrature(adj)

    the act of squaring; the finding of a square having the same area as some given curvilinear figure; as, the quadrature of a circle; the operation of finding an expression for the area of a figure bounded wholly or in part by a curved line, as by a curve, two ordinates, and the axis of abscissas

  2. Quadrature(adj)

    a quadrate; a square

  3. Quadrature(adj)

    the integral used in obtaining the area bounded by a curve; hence, the definite integral of the product of any function of one variable into the differential of that variable

  4. Quadrature(adj)

    the position of one heavenly body in respect to another when distant from it 90¡, or a quarter of a circle, as the moon when at an equal distance from the points of conjunction and opposition.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Quadrature

    Waves or periodic motions the angle of lag of one of which, with reference to one in advance of it, is 90°, are said to be in quadrature with each other. [Transcriber's note: If the voltage and current of a power line are in quadrature, the power factor is zero (cos(90°) = 0)  and no real power is delivered to the load.]


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