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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quadrilateral, quadrangle, tetragon(noun)

    a four-sided polygon

  2. quad, quadrangle(noun)

    a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings


  1. quadrangle(Noun)

    A geometric shape with four angles and four straight sides; a four-sided polygon.

  2. quadrangle(Noun)

    A courtyard which is quadrangular.

  3. quadrangle(Noun)

    The buildings forming the border of such a courtyard.

  4. Origin: From quadrangle, from quadrangulum.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadrangle(noun)

    a plane figure having four angles, and consequently four sides; any figure having four angles

  2. Quadrangle(noun)

    a square or quadrangular space or inclosure, such a space or court surrounded by buildings, esp. such a court in a college or public school in England

  3. Origin: [F., fr. L. quadrangulum; quattuor four + angulus an angle. See Four, and Angle a corner.]

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Annamaria Lamanna:

    It's the quadrangle's symbol road, loaded with identity and the biggest boutiques.

  2. Annamaria Lamanna:

    Via Sant'Andrea is becoming ever more important inside the quadrangle thanks to the opening of new stores. And it's a pleasure for the eyes.

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