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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Pyg•my*ˈpɪg mi(n.; adj.)(pl.)-mies

or Pigmy

  1. (n.)a member of any of several small-statured peoples of Africa, esp. the forested regions of central Africa. a Negrito of SE Asia, or of the Andaman or Philippine islands.

    Category: Physical Anthropology, Peoples

  2. (l.c.) a small or dwarfish person.

  3. (l.c.) anything very small of its kind.

  4. (l.c.) a person of small importance or lacking in some important quality, attribute, etc.

  5. (adj.)(sometimes l.c.) of or pertaining to the Pygmies.

  6. (l.c.) of very small size, capacity, power, etc.

* Syn: See dwarf.

Origin of Pygmy:

1350–1400; ME pigmēis, pl. of pigmē < L Pygmaeus < Gk pygmaîos dwarfish, a member of a legendary race of dwarflike people =pygm(ḗ) distance from elbow to knuckles +-aios adj. suffix


Princeton's WordNet

  1. pygmy, pigmy(noun)

    an unusually small individual

  2. Pygmy, Pigmy(noun)

    any member of various peoples having an average height of less than five feet


  1. pygmy(Noun)

    (often capitalized, usually in the plural: Pygmies) A member of one of various Ancient Equatorial African tribal peoples, notable for their very short stature

  2. pygmy(Noun)

    A member of a race of dwarfs

  3. pygmy(Noun)

    Any dwarfish person

  4. pygmy(Noun)

    An insignificant person, at least in some respect

  5. pygmy(Adjective)

    Relating or belonging to the Pygmy people

  6. pygmy(Adjective)

    Like a pygmy; unusually short or small for its kind

    Soil exhaustion ultimately produces a pygmy crop at best

  7. Origin: From Πυγμαῖος

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pygmy(adj)

    alt. of Pygmean

  2. Pygmy(noun)

    one of a fabulous race of dwarfs who waged war with the cranes, and were destroyed

  3. Pygmy(noun)

    hence, a short, insignificant person; a dwarf


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