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Princeton's WordNet

  1. trouble, put out, inconvenience, disoblige, discommode, incommode, bother(verb)

    to cause inconvenience or discomfort to

    "Sorry to trouble you, but..."

  2. put out(verb)

    put out considerable effort

    "He put out the same for seven managers"

  3. smother, put out(verb)

    deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion

    "smother fires"

  4. exsert, stretch out, put out, extend, hold out, stretch forth(verb)

    thrust or extend out

    "He held out his hand"; "point a finger"; "extend a hand"; "the bee exserted its sting"

  5. douse, put out(verb)

    put out, as of a candle or a light

    "Douse the lights"

  6. put out(verb)

    be sexually active

    "She is supposed to put out"

  7. put out, retire(verb)

    cause to be out on a fielding play

  8. put out(verb)


    "he was put out at third base on a long throw from left field"

  9. publish, bring out, put out, issue, release(verb)

    prepare and issue for public distribution or sale

    "publish a magazine or newspaper"

  10. anesthetize, anaesthetize, anesthetise, anaesthetise, put under, put out(verb)

    administer an anesthetic drug to

    "The patient must be anesthetized before the operation"; "anesthetize the gum before extracting the teeth"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. put out(verb)ʊt

    to stop from burning

    It took firefighters seven hours to put the fire out.

  2. put outʊt

    to move sth to a place that is easy to see or find

    Put the cereal and bowls out on the table.


  1. put out(Noun)

    The statistic of the number of outs a defensive player directly caused.

  2. put out(Verb)

    To place outside or eject.

  3. put out(Verb)

    To produce.

  4. put out(Verb)

    To injure a part of the body, especially a joint.

  5. put out(Verb)

    To extinguish (a flame or light).

  6. put out(Verb)

    To eliminate from a competition.

  7. put out(Verb)

    To consent to sex.

  8. put out(Verb)

    To cause a player on the offense to be out, especially of men on base.

  9. put out(Adjective)

    Taking offense; indignant.

Anagrams of put out

  1. output

Translations for put out

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

put out

to extend (a hand etc)

He put out his hand to steady her.

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