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Princeton's WordNet

  1. punch line, laugh line, gag line, tag line(noun)

    the point of a joke or humorous story


  1. punch line(n.)

    Hence: The final sentence, phrase, or word in any narration, speech, or advertisement that produces the speaker's intended effect.


  1. punch line(Noun)

    The final part of a joke; the word, sentence, or exchange of sentences that is intended to be funny and provokes laughter from the listeners.

  2. Origin: probably American. It was probably meant to be likened to a quick, sharp punch.


  1. Punch line

    A punch line is the final part of a joke, comedy sketch, or profound statement, usually the word, sentence or exchange of sentences which is intended to be funny or to provoke laughter or thought from listeners. Few punchlines are inherently funny out of context, but when a comedian sets up the premise and builds up the audience's expectations, the punch line can function as the climactic part of the act. Punch lines generally derive their humor from being unexpected. The classic stand-up punch line sound is a sting on drums.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Vikrant Parsai:

    We are all only God’s joke here having the same punch line.

  2. Etan Bednarsh:

    Putting two men together on the kiss cam isn't a punch line. I want to keep coming to games. Please stop doing this.

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