Definitions for puerileˈpyu ər ɪl, -əˌraɪl, ˈpyʊər ɪl, -aɪl

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pu•er•ileˈpyu ər ɪl, -əˌraɪl, ˈpyʊər ɪl, -aɪl(adj.)

  1. youthful; juvenile.

    Category: Developmental Biology, Common Vocabulary

  2. childishly foolish; immature; silly.

Origin of puerile:

1650–60; < L puerīlis=puer boy +-īlis -ile2


Princeton's WordNet

  1. puerile(adj)

    of or characteristic of a child

    "puerile breathing"

  2. adolescent, jejune, juvenile, puerile(adj)

    displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity

    "adolescent insecurity"; "jejune responses to our problems"; "their behavior was juvenile"; "puerile jokes"


  1. puerile(Adjective)

    Characteristic of, or pertaining to, a boy or boys; confer: puellile.

  2. puerile(Adjective)

    Childish; trifling; silly.

  3. Origin: From puerilis, from puer.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Puerile(adj)

    boyish; childish; trifling; silly


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