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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pub′lic serv′ice(n.)

  1. the business of supplying an essential commodity, as electricity, or a service, as transportation, to the general public.

    Category: Government

  2. government employment; civil service.

    Category: Government

  3. a service to the public rendered without charge by a profit-making organization.

    Category: Government

Princeton's WordNet

  1. community service, public service(noun)

    a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions

  2. public service(noun)

    employment within a government system (especially in the civil service)

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. public service(noun)ˈpʌb lɪk li

    a service paid for by a government

    public services such as garbage collection and transportation

  2. public serviceˈpʌb lɪk li

    work done to help a community, often for little or no pay

    The group cleans the park as a public service.; a life dedicated to public service

  3. public serviceˈpʌb lɪk li

    the government and its divisions

    The state does not pay its public service workers enough.


  1. public service(Noun)

    A service asserted to be for the public good provided by a for-profit enterprise or trade association.

  2. public service(Noun)

    A service, usually provided by the government, for the general public or its specific section.


  1. Public service

    A public service is a service which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction, either directly or by financing private provision of services. The term is associated with a social consensus that certain services should be available to all, regardless of income. Even where public services are neither publicly provided nor publicly financed, for social and political reasons they are usually subject to regulation going beyond that applying to most economic sectors. Public service is also a course that can be studied at a college and/or university.


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