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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pub′lic house`(n.)

  1. Brit.

    Category: British

    Ref: tavern.

  2. an inn or hostelry.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. public house, pub, saloon, pothouse, gin mill, taphouse(noun)

    tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals


  1. public house(Noun)

    An establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed on or off the premises; they often provide meals and sometimes accommodation.


  1. Pub

    A pub, formally public house, is a drinking establishment in the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New England, South Africa and New Zealand. In many places, especially in villages, a pub can be the focal point of the community. The writings of Samuel Pepys describe the pub as the heart of England. The history of pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns, through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse to the development of the modern tied house system in the 19th century. Historically, pubs have been socially and culturally distinct from cafés, bars, bierkellers and brewpubs. Most pubs offer a range of beers, wines, spirits, and soft drinks. Many pubs are controlled by breweries, so cask ale or keg beer may be a better value than wines and spirits. Traditionally the windows of town pubs were of smoked or frosted glass to obscure the clientele from the street but from the 1990s onwards, there has been a move towards clear glass, in keeping with brighter interior décors. The owner, tenant or manager of a pub is properly known as the "pub landlord". The term publican has come into use since Victorian times to designate the pub landlord.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

public house

a house where alcoholic drinks are sold to the public.

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