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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

prog•e•nyˈprɒdʒ ə ni(n.)(pl.)-ny; -nies.

  1. offspring collectively; children. (broadly) descendants.

    Category: Genetics

  2. something that originates or results from something else; outcome; issue.

Origin of progeny:

1250–1300; ME progenie < MF < L prōgeniēs offspring =prō-pro -1+gen-, base of gignere to beget (akin to kin ) +-iēs fem. n. suffix

Princeton's WordNet

  1. offspring, progeny, issue(noun)

    the immediate descendants of a person

    "she was the mother of many offspring"; "he died without issue"


  1. progeny(Noun)

    offspring or descendants.

    I treasure this 5 generation photograph of my great-great grandmother and her progeny.

  2. progeny(Noun)

    result of a creative effort

    His dissertation is his most important intellectual progeny to date.

  3. Origin: From progenie, from progenies.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Progeny(noun)

    descendants of the human kind, or offspring of other animals; children; offspring; race, lineage


  1. Progeny

    Progeny is an American science fiction film released in 1999. It was directed by Brian Yuzna and written by Aubrey Solomon and Stuart Gordon. The film stars Arnold Vosloo as Dr. Craig Burton, Jillian McWhirter as Sherry Burton, Brad Dourif as Dr. Bert Clavell and Lindsay Crouse as Dr. Susan Lamarche.

Anagrams of progeny

  1. pyrogen


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