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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

prim•i•tiv•ismˈprɪm ɪ tɪˌvɪz əm(n.)

  1. a recurrent theory or belief, as in philosophy or art, that the qualities of primitive or chronologically early cultures are superior to those of contemporary civilization.

  2. the state of being primitive.

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  3. the qualities or style characterizing primitive art.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. crudeness, crudity, primitiveness, primitivism, rudeness(noun)

    a wild or unrefined state

  2. primitivism(noun)

    a genre characteristic of (or imitative of) primitive artists or children


  1. primitivism(Noun)

    The state or quality of being primitive

  2. primitivism(Noun)

    The opinion that life was better or more moral among primitive peoples, or among children, and has deteriorated with civilization

  3. primitivism(Noun)

    Any of a group of related styles in the arts, influenced by a belief in the superiority of primitive forms


  1. Primitivism

    Primitivism is a Western art movement that borrows visual forms from non-Western or prehistoric peoples, such as Paul Gauguin's inclusion of Tahitian motifs in paintings and ceramics. Borrowings from primitive art has been important to the development of modern art. The term "primitivism" is often applied to other professional painters working in the style of naïve or folk art like Henri Rousseau, Mikhail Larionov, Paul Klee and others.

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