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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pre•tenseprɪˈtɛns, ˈpri tɛns(n.)

  1. a false show of something; semblance:

    a pretense of friendship.

  2. a pretending or feigning; make-believe:

    My sleepiness was all pretense.

  3. the act of pretending or alleging falsely.

  4. an ostensible claim or justification; pretext:

    He excused himself on a pretense of urgent business; to obtain money under false pretenses.

  5. insincere or false profession:

    pious words that were mere pretense.

  6. an unwarranted or false claim.

  7. pretension (usu. fol. by to):

    no pretense to wit.

  8. pretentiousness.

Origin of pretense:

1375–1425; late ME < AF < ML *praetēnsa, n. use of fem. of praetēnsus, ptp. (r. L praetentus) of praetendere to pretend

Princeton's WordNet

  1. pretense, pretence, pretending, simulation, feigning(noun)

    the act of giving a false appearance

    "his conformity was only pretending"

  2. pretense, pretence, feigning, dissembling(noun)

    pretending with intention to deceive

  3. pretense, pretence, make-believe(noun)

    imaginative intellectual play

  4. pretension, pretense, pretence(noun)

    a false or unsupportable quality

  5. guise, pretense, pretence, pretext(noun)

    an artful or simulated semblance

    "under the guise of friendship he betrayed them"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. pretense(noun)ɪˈtɛns, ˈpri tɛns

    the act of pretending sth is true or real

    They asked for money under the pretense of raising funds for charity.


  1. pretense(Noun)

    A false or hypocritical profession, as, under pretense of friendliness.

  2. pretense(Noun)

    Intention or purpose not real but professed.

    without pretense of accuracy

  3. pretense(Noun)

    An unsupported claim made or implied.

  4. pretense(Noun)

    An insincere attempt to reach a specific condition or quality.

  5. Origin: From pretensse, from prætensus, past participle of prætendere, from præ- + tendere; see pretend.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pretense(noun)

    alt. of Pretence


  1. Pretense

    The Tollan put Skaara and Klorel on trial to determine who will control the host body.

Anagrams of pretense

  1. preteens, pre-teens

  2. Petersen

  3. terpenes

  4. Pre-teens

  5. Preteens


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