Definitions for prestigeprɛˈstiʒ, -ˈstidʒ

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pres•tigeprɛˈstiʒ, -ˈstidʒ(n.)

  1. reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes.

  2. distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing and thus possessing a cachet for others.

  3. (adj.)having or showing success, rank, wealth, etc.:

    a prestige car.

Origin of prestige:

1820–30; < F (orig. pl.): deceits, juggler's tricks < L praestīgiae juggler's tricks

Princeton's WordNet

  1. prestige, prestigiousness(noun)

    a high standing achieved through success or influence or wealth etc.

    "he wanted to achieve power and prestige"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. prestige(noun)ɛˈstiʒ, -ˈstidʒ

    the respect and high status society gives to sb or sth

    the prestige of educational institutions like Yale


  1. prestige(Noun)

    Delusion; illusion; trick.

  2. prestige(Noun)

    The quality of how good the reputation of something or someone is, how favourably something or someone is regarded

    Oxford has a university of very high prestige.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Prestige

    delusion; illusion; trick

  2. Prestige

    weight or influence derived from past success; expectation of future achievements founded on those already accomplished; force or charm derived from acknowledged character or reputation

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reputation or influence due to success, rank etc.

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