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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pre•pon•der•anceprɪˈpɒn dər əns(n.)

also pre•pon′der•an•cy

  1. the fact or quality of being preponderant.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. preponderance(noun)

    superiority in power or influence

    "the preponderance of good over evil"; "the preponderance of wealth and power"

  2. preponderance, prevalence(noun)

    a superiority in numbers or amount

    "a preponderance of evidence against the defendant"

  3. preponderance(noun)

    exceeding in heaviness; having greater weight

    "the least preponderance in either pan will unbalance the scale"


  1. preponderance(Noun)

    Excess or superiority of weight, influence, or power, etc.; an outweighing.

  2. preponderance(Noun)

    The excess of weight of that part of a cannon behind the trunnions over that in front of them.

  3. preponderance(Noun)

    The greater portion of the weight.

  4. preponderance(Noun)

    The majority.

  5. Origin: From praepondero, from prae- + pondero

Webster Dictionary

  1. Preponderance(noun)

    alt. of Preponderancy


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