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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pre•cludeprɪˈklud(v.t.)-clud•ed, -clud•ing.

  1. to prevent the presence or occurrence of; make impossible:

    evidence that precludes a conviction.

  2. to exclude or debar:

    Belief in free will precludes the acceptance of predestination.

Origin of preclude:

1610–20; < L praeclūdere to shut off =prae-pre - +-clūdere, comb. form of claudere to shut, close


Princeton's WordNet

  1. prevent, forestall, foreclose, preclude, forbid(verb)

    keep from happening or arising; make impossible

    "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"; "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"

  2. preclude, rule out, close out(verb)

    make impossible, especially beforehand


  1. preclude(Verb)

    Remove the possibility of; rule out; prevent or exclude; to make impossible.

    It has been raining for days, but that doesnu2019t preclude the possibility that the skies will clear by this afternoon!

Webster Dictionary

  1. Preclude

    to put a barrier before; hence, to shut out; to hinder; to stop; to impede

  2. Preclude

    to shut out by anticipative action; to prevent or hinder by necessary consequence or implication; to deter action of, access to, employment of, etc.; to render ineffectual; to obviate by anticipation


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