Definitions for praenomenpriˈnoʊ mən; -ˈnɒm ə nə, -ˈnoʊ mə-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

prae•no•menpriˈnoʊ mən; -ˈnɒm ə nə, -ˈnoʊ mə-(n.)(pl.)-nom•i•na; -no•mens.

  1. the first or personal name of a Roman citizen, as “Gaius” in “Gaius Julius Caesar.”

    Category: Ancient History

Origin of praenomen:

1655–65; < L praenōmen=prae-prae - +nōmenname

prae•nom′i•nal-ˈnɒm ə nl(adj.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. praenomen(noun)

    the first name of a citizen of ancient Rome


  1. praenomen(Noun)

    An ancient Roman first name.

  2. Origin: From Latin praenomen, from prae- + nomen.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Praenomen(noun)

    the first name of a person, by which individuals of the same family were distinguished, answering to our Christian name, as Caius, Lucius, Marcus, etc


  1. Praenomen

    The praenomen was a personal name chosen by the parents of a Roman child. It was first bestowed on the dies lustricus, the eighth day after the birth of a girl, or the ninth day after the birth of a boy. The praenomen would then be formally conferred a second time when girls married, or when boys assumed the toga virilis upon reaching manhood. Although it was the oldest of the tria nomina commonly used in Roman naming conventions, by the late republic, most praenomina were so common that most people were called by their praenomina only by family or close friends. For this reason, although they continued to be used, praenomina gradually disappeared from public records during imperial times. Although both men and women received praenomina, women's praenomina were frequently ignored, and they were gradually abandoned by many Roman families, though they continued to be used in some families and in the countryside.


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