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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

prac•tice*ˈpræk tɪs(n.; v.)-ticed, -tic•ing.

  1. (n.)habitual or customary course of action or way of doing something:

    office practice.

  2. a habit; custom:

    to make a practice of borrowing money.

  3. repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring proficiency.

  4. condition arrived at by experience or exercise:

    out of practice.

  5. the action or process of doing something or carrying something out:

    to put a scheme into practice.

  6. the exercise or pursuit of a profession, esp. law or medicine.

  7. the business of a professional person.

  8. the established method of conducting legal proceedings.

    Category: Law

  9. Archaic. plotting; intrigue; trickery. Usu. practices. intrigues; plots.

  10. (v.t.)to perform or do habitually or usually:

    to practice a strict regimen.

  11. to follow or observe habitually or customarily:

    to practice one's religion.

  12. to exercise or pursue as a profession, art, or occupation.

  13. to perform on or do repeatedly in order to acquire skill or proficiency:

    to practice the violin.

  14. to train or drill (a person, animal, etc.) in something in order to give proficiency.

  15. (v.i.)to do something habitually or as a practice.

  16. to pursue a profession, esp. law or medicine.

  17. to do something repeatedly in order to acquire skill.

  18. Archaic. to plot or conspire.

    Ref: Also, Brit., practise (for defs. 11-19 ).

* Syn: See custom.

Origin of practice:

1375–1425; (v.) late ME practisen, practizen (< MF pra(c)tiser) < ML prāctizāre, alter. of prācticāre, der. of prāctica practical work < Gk prāktikḗ, n. use of fem. of prāktikóspractical ; (n.) late ME, der. of the v.


Webster Dictionary

  1. Practicer(noun)

    one who practices, or puts in practice; one who customarily performs certain acts

  2. Practicer(noun)

    one who exercises a profession; a practitioner

  3. Practicer(noun)

    one who uses art or stratagem


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