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Princeton's WordNet

  1. poseur, poser(noun)

    a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

  2. model, poser(noun)

    a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor

    "the president didn't have time to be a model so the artist worked from photos"

  3. poser, stumper, toughie, sticker(noun)

    a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem


  1. poser(Noun)

    A particularly difficult question or puzzle.

  2. poser(Noun)

    Someone who, or something which, poses; a person who sets their body in a fixed position, such as for photography or painting.

  3. poser(Noun)

    A poseur; someone who affects some behaviour, style, attitude or other condition, often to impress or influence others

Webster Dictionary

  1. Poser(noun)

    one who, or that which, puzzles; a difficult or inexplicable question or fact


  1. Poser

    Poser is a 3D CGI rendering and animation computer program optimized for models that depict the human figure in three-dimensional form, mostly used to pose and animate the figures in a similar way as a mannequin. The program has gained popularity due to allowing beginners to produce basic animations and digital images, and the extensive availability of third-party digital models.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. poser

    [from French poseur] A wannabee; not hacker slang, but used among crackers, phreaks and warez d00dz. Not as negative as lamer or leech. Probably derives from a similar usage among punk-rockers and metalheads, putting down those who “talk the talk but don't walk the walk”.

Anagrams of poser

  1. opers, pores, preso, prose, pro se, reops, ropes, spore

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