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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

po•rousˈpɔr əs, ˈpoʊr-(adj.)

  1. permeable by water, air, etc.

    Category: Physics

  2. full of pores.

    Category: Botany

Origin of porous:

1350–1400; ME, var. of porose < ML porōsus. See pore2, -ous


Princeton's WordNet

  1. porous(adj)

    able to absorb fluids

    "the partly porous walls of our digestive system"; "compacting the soil to make it less porous"

  2. porous, poriferous(adj)

    full of pores or vessels or holes

  3. holey, porous(adj)

    allowing passage in and out

    "our unfenced and largely unpoliced border inevitably has been very porous"


  1. porous(Adjective)

    Full of tiny pores that allow fluids or gasses to pass through.

  2. porous(Adjective)

    (Of legislation) full of loopholes

  3. porous(Adjective)

    With many gaps.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Porous(noun)

    full of pores; having interstices in the skin or in the substance of the body; having spiracles or passages for fluids; permeable by liquids; as, a porous skin; porous wood

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allowing liquid to pass through

porous clay.

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