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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pol•i•tyˈpɒl ɪ ti(n.)(pl.)-ties.

  1. a particular form or system of government:

    civil polity; ecclesiastical polity.

    Category: Government

  2. a state or other organized community or body.

    Category: Government

  3. the condition of being constituted as a state or other organized community or body.

    Category: Government

  4. government or administrative regulation.

    Category: Government

Origin of polity:

1530–40; < L polītīa < Gk polīteía citizenship, government =polite-, var. s. of politēs citizen (see polis , -ite1) +-ia -ia

Princeton's WordNet

  1. civil order, polity(noun)

    the form of government of a social organization

  2. polity(noun)

    a politically organized unit

  3. polity(noun)

    shrewd or crafty management of public affairs

    "we was innocent of stratagems and polity"


  1. polity(Noun)

    An organizational structure of the government of a state, church, etc.

  2. polity(Noun)

    A politically organized unit; a state.

  3. Origin: From politie, from politia, from πολιτεία; see policy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Polity(noun)

    the form or constitution of the civil government of a nation or state; the framework or organization by which the various departments of government are combined into a systematic whole

  2. Polity(noun)

    hence: The form or constitution by which any institution is organized; the recognized principles which lie at the foundation of any human institution

  3. Polity(noun)

    policy; art; management


  1. Polity

    A polity is a state or one of its subordinate civil authorities, such as a province, prefecture, county, municipality, city, or district. It is generally understood to mean a geographic area with a corresponding government. Thomas Hobbes considered bodies politic in this sense in Leviathan. In previous centuries, body politic was also understood to mean "the physical person of the sovereign:" emperor, king or dictator in monarchies and despotisms, and the electorate in republics. In present times, it may also refer to representation of a group, such as ones drawn along the ethnic or the gender lines. Cabinets in liberal democracies are chosen to represent the body politic.


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