Definitions for poignantˈpɔɪn yənt, ˈpɔɪ nənt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

poign•antˈpɔɪn yənt, ˈpɔɪ nənt(adj.)

  1. keenly distressing to the feelings.

  2. affecting the emotions:

    a poignant scene.

  3. keen or strong in appeal; sharp; pointed:

    a subject of poignant interest.

  4. pungent.

Origin of poignant:

1350–1400; ME poynaunt < MF poignant, prp. of poindre < L pungere to prick, pierce


Princeton's WordNet

  1. affecting, poignant, touching(adj)

    arousing affect

    "the homecoming of the released hostages was an affecting scene"; "poignant grief cannot endure forever"; "his gratitude was simple and touching"

  2. poignant(adj)

    keenly distressing to the mind or feelings

    "poignant anxiety"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. poignant(adjective)ˈpɔɪn yənt, ˈpɔɪ nənt

    causing sadness

    a poignant reminder of what he could have achieved


  1. poignant(Adjective)

    Sharp-pointed; keen.

  2. poignant(Adjective)

    Incisive; penetrating.

    His comments were poignant and witty.

  3. poignant(Adjective)

    neat; eloquent; applicable; relevant.

    A poignant reply will garner more credence than hours of blown smoke.

  4. poignant(Adjective)

    Evoking strong mental sensation, to the point of distress; emotionally moving.

    Flipping through his high school yearbook evoked many a poignant memory of yesteryear.

  5. poignant(Adjective)

    Piquant, pungent.

  6. poignant(Adjective)


  7. poignant(Adjective)

    Inducing sharp physical pain.

  8. Origin: From poynaunt, puignant et al., poignant, present participle of poindre, from pungo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Poignant(adj)

    pricking; piercing; sharp; pungent

  2. Poignant(adj)

    fig.: Pointed; keen; satirical


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