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  1. plumb bob, plumb, plummet(adj)

    the metal bob of a plumb line

  2. plumb(verb)

    exactly vertical

    "the tower of Pisa is far out of plumb"

  3. plumb(verb)

    measure the depth of something

  4. plumb(verb)

    weight with lead

  5. plumb(verb)

    examine thoroughly and in great depth

  6. plumb(adverb)

    adjust with a plumb line so as to make vertical

  7. clean, plumb, plum(adverb)

    completely; used as intensifiers

    "clean forgot the appointment"; "I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out"

  8. plumb(adverb)

    conforming to the direction of a plumb line

  9. plumb, plum(adverb)


    "fell plumb in the middle of the puddle"

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  1. plumb(Noun)

    A little mass of lead, or the like, attached to a line, and used by builders, etc., to indicate a vertical direction.

  2. plumb(Noun)

    A weight on the end of a long line, used by sailors to determine the depth of water.

  3. plumb(Verb)

    To determine the depth, generally of a liquid; to sound.

  4. plumb(Verb)

    To attach to a water supply and drain.

  5. plumb(Verb)

    To think about or explore in depth, to get to the bottom of, especially to plumb the depths of.

  6. plumb(Verb)

    To use a plumb bob as a measuring or aligning tool.

  7. plumb(Verb)

    To accurately align vertically or horizontally.

  8. plumb(Verb)

    To seal something with lead.

  9. plumb(Verb)

    To work as a plumber.

  10. plumb(Verb)

    To fall or sink like a plummet.

  11. plumb(Verb)

    To trace a road or track; to follow it to its end.

  12. plumb(Verb)

    To position vertically above or below.

  13. plumb(Adverb)

    In a vertical direction.

  14. plumb(Adverb)

    Squarely, directly; completely.

  15. plumb(Adjective)

    truly vertical

  16. plumb(Adjective)

    Describing an LBW where the batsman is hit on the pads directly in front of his wicket and should be given out.

  17. Origin: From *, from plumba (plural of plumbum).

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  1. Plumb(noun)

    a little mass or weight of lead, or the like, attached to a line, and used by builders, etc., to indicate a vertical direction; a plummet; a plumb bob. See Plumb line, below

  2. Plumb(adj)

    perpendicular; vertical; conforming the direction of a line attached to a plumb; as, the wall is plumb

  3. Plumb(adverb)

    in a plumb direction; perpendicularly

  4. Plumb(verb)

    to adjust by a plumb line; to cause to be perpendicular; as, to plumb a building or a wall

  5. Plumb(verb)

    to sound with a plumb or plummet, as the depth of water; hence, to examine by test; to ascertain the depth, quality, dimension, etc.; to sound; to fathom; to test

  6. Plumb(verb)

    to seal with lead; as, to plumb a drainpipe

  7. Plumb(verb)

    to supply, as a building, with a system of plumbing

  8. Origin: [F. plomb, L. plumbum lead, a leaden ball or bullet; cf. Gr. mo`lybos, mo`libos, mo`lybdos. Cf. Plummet, Plunge.]

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  1. Plumb

    Tiffany Arbuckle Lee is a Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter who uses the stage name Plumb. She has performed several different genres of music, including alternative rock and Christian alternative rock and a few of her remixes have appeared on dance charts. She is known for her pensive lyrics and soprano voice.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon WurdzRate this definition:(0.00 / 0 votes)

  1. PLUMB

    To ascertain the capacity of. PLUMBER One who ascertains the capacity of your purse, soaks you with a piece of lead and gets away with the money--a process vulgarly known as "a lead-pipe cinch."

Translations for plumb

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  • syväluodata, kohtisuorasti, lyijy, putkimies, täysin, kohtisuora, kohtisuoraan, luodata, suoraan, viemäri, rihdata, kivi, seurata, kohtisuorassa, luoti, kokonaan, vesijohtoFinnish
  • in het lood, loodrechtDutch
  • lodrätSwedish

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