Definitions for plenumˈpli nəm, ˈplɛn əm; ˈpli nə, ˈplɛn ə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ple•numˈpli nəm, ˈplɛn əm; ˈpli nə, ˈplɛn ə(n.)(pl.)ple•nums, ple•na

  1. the space in which a gas, usu. air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. the gas in such a state.

    Category: Physics

  2. a full assembly, as a joint legislative assembly.

    Category: Government

  3. a space serving as a receiving chamber for heated or cooled air.

    Category: Building Trades

Origin of plenum:

1670–80; < L, neut. of plēnusfull1, in the phrase plēnum(spatium) full (space)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. plenum(noun)

    a meeting of a legislative body at which all members are present

    "the plenum will vote on all tax increases"

  2. plenum(noun)

    an enclosed space in which the air pressure is higher than outside


  1. plenum(Noun)

    A space that is completely filled with matter.

  2. plenum(Noun)

    A state of fullness, a great quantity (of something).

  3. plenum(Noun)

    A legislative meeting (especially of the Communist Party) in which all members are present.

  4. plenum(Noun)

    An enclosed space having greater than atmospheric pressure.

  5. plenum(Noun)

    The space above a false ceiling used for cables, ducts etc.

  6. plenum(Noun)

    A type of network cabling which satisfies plenum-ratings issued by the National Electrical Code. These cables are safer in case of a fire, producing less smoke and fumes.

  7. Origin: From plenum, noun use of neuter of plenus. (Influenced by Russian пленум ‘plenary session’.)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Plenum(noun)

    that state in which every part of space is supposed to be full of matter; -- opposed to vacuum

Anagrams of plenum

  1. lumpen


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