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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

per•ver•sionpərˈvɜr ʒən, -ʃən(n.)

  1. the act of perverting.

  2. the state of being perverted.

  3. a perverted form of something.

  4. any of various sexual practices that are commonly regarded as being abnormal.

    Category: Psychiatry

Origin of perversion:

1350–1400; ME < L perversiō. See pervert , -tion

Princeton's WordNet

  1. perversion(noun)

    a curve that reverses the direction of something

    "the tendrils of the plant exhibited perversion"; "perversion also shows up in kinky telephone cords"

  2. perversion, sexual perversion(noun)

    an aberrant sexual practice;

  3. perversion(noun)

    the action of perverting something (turning it to a wrong use)

    "it was a perversion of justice"


  1. perversion(Noun)

    The action of perverting someone or something; humiliation; debasement.

  2. perversion(Noun)

    The state of being perverted; depravity; viciousness.

  3. perversion(Noun)

    A sexual practice or act considered abnormal; sexual deviance; immorality.

  4. perversion(Noun)

    An instance of such abnormal activity or behaviour; rape.

  5. Origin: From perversio, from pervertere

Webster Dictionary

  1. Perversion(noun)

    the act of perverting, or the state of being perverted; a turning from truth or right; a diverting from the true intent or object; a change to something worse; a turning or applying to a wrong end or use


  1. Perversion

    Perversion is a concept describing those types of human behavior that deviate from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal. Although it can refer to a variety of forms of deviation, it is most often used to describe sexual behaviors that are considered particularly abnormal, repulsive or obsessive. Perversion differs from deviant behavior, in that the latter covers areas of behaviour for which "perversion" would be too strong a term. It is often considered derogatory and in psychological literature the term paraphilia has been used as a replacement, though this term is controversial, and "deviation" is now used instead by others.

Anagrams of perversion

  1. overripens

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(the) act of perverting

a perversion of justice.

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