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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

per•son•i•fi•ca•tionpərˌsɒn ə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. the attribution of a human nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions, esp. as a rhetorical figure.

    Category: Rhetoric

  2. the representation of a thing or abstraction in the form of a person, as in art.

  3. an embodiment, as of a quality:

    He is the personification of tact.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. personification(noun)

    a person who represents an abstract quality

    "she is the personification of optimism"

  2. personification, prosopopoeia(noun)

    representing an abstract quality or idea as a person or creature

  3. personification, incarnation(noun)

    the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc.


  1. personification(Noun)

    A person, thing or name typifying a certain quality or idea; an embodiment or exemplification.

    Adolf Hitler was the personification of anti-Semitism.

  2. personification(Noun)

    A figure of speech, prosopopeia, in which an inanimate object or an abstraction is given human qualities.

    The writer used personification to convey her ideas.

  3. personification(Noun)

    An artistic representation of an abstract quality as a human

    The Grim Reaper is a personification of death.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Personification(noun)

    the act of personifying; impersonation; embodiment

  2. Personification(noun)

    a figure of speech in which an inanimate object or abstract idea is represented as animated, or endowed with personality; prosopop/ia; as, the floods clap their hands


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