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    Pente is a strategy board game for two or more players, created in 1977 by Gary Gabrel, a dishwasher at Hideaway Pizza, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Customers played Pente at Hideaway Pizza on checker-board table clothes while waiting for their orders to arrive. 30 Years later, patrons are still playing Pente at Hideaway Pizza; although using rolled up Pente boards. Pente is based on the Japanese game ninuki-renju, a variant of renju or gomoku that is played on a Go board of 19x19 intersections with white and black stones. In contrast to renju, ninuki-renju and Pente allow captures, but Pente added a new opening rule. In the nineteenth century, gomoku was introduced to Britain where it was known as "Go Bang."

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a position or direction that is neither level nor upright; an upward or downward slant

The floor is on a slight slope.

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