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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pa•tron•izeˈpeɪ trəˌnaɪz, ˈpæ-(v.t.)-ized, -iz•ing.

  1. to give (a store, restaurant, hotel, etc.) one's regular patronage.

  2. to behave in an offensively condescending manner toward.

  3. to act as a patron toward (an artist, institution, etc.); support.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sponsor, patronize, patronise(verb)

    assume sponsorship of

  2. patronize, patronise, shop, shop at, buy at, frequent, sponsor(verb)

    do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of

  3. patronize, patronise, condescend(verb)

    treat condescendingly

  4. patronize, patronise, patronage, support, keep going(verb)

    be a regular customer or client of

    "We patronize this store"; "Our sponsor kept our art studio going for as long as he could"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. patronize(verb)ˈpeɪ trəˌnaɪz, ˈpæ-

    to treat sb in a way that shows you think you are better than they are

    He patronizes everyone who works for him.

  2. patronizeˈpeɪ trəˌnaɪz, ˈpæ-

    to be a customer of a restaurant, hotel, etc.

    Few women patronize the bar.


  1. patronize(Verb)

    To make a patron.

  2. patronize(Verb)

    To assume a tone of unjustified superiority; to talk down to; to treat condescendingly.

  3. patronize(Verb)

    To make oneself a customer of a business, especially a regular customer.

  4. Origin: patron (reborrowed from patronus, derived from pater) .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Patronize(verb)

    to act as patron toward; to support; to countenance; to favor; to aid

  2. Patronize(verb)

    to trade with customarily; to frequent as a customer

  3. Patronize(verb)

    to assume the air of a patron, or of a superior and protector, toward; -- used in an unfavorable sense; as, to patronize one's equals


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