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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

par′tial deriv′ative*(n.)

  1. the derivative of a function with respect to one of its variables with all other variables held constant.

    Category: Math

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. partial derivative, partial(noun)

    the derivative of a function of two or more variables with respect to a single variable while the other variables are considered to be constant


  1. partial derivative(Noun)

    a derivative with respect to one variable of a function of several variables


  1. Partial derivative

    In mathematics, a partial derivative of a function of several variables is its derivative with respect to one of those variables, with the others held constant. Partial derivatives are used in vector calculus and differential geometry. The partial derivative of a function f with respect to the variable x is variously denoted by The partial-derivative symbol is ∂. One of the first known uses of the symbol in mathematics is by Marquis de Condorcet from 1770, who used it for partial differences. The modern partial derivative notation is by Adrien-Marie Legendre, though he later abandoned it; Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi re-introduced the symbol in 1841.


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