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Princeton's WordNet

  1. parse(verb)

    analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)


  1. parse(Noun)

    A successful act of parsing.

  2. parse(Noun)

    The result of such an act.

  3. parse(Verb)

    To resolve into its elements, as a sentence, pointing out the several parts of speech, and their relation to each other by government or agreement; to analyze and describe grammatically.

  4. parse(Verb)

    To split a file or other input into bits of data that can be easily stored or manipulated.

  5. Origin: From pars, from pars (plural of part), from pars.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Parse(noun)

    to resolve into its elements, as a sentence, pointing out the several parts of speech, and their relation to each other by government or agreement; to analyze and describe grammatically

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. parse

    1. To determine the syntactic structure of a sentence or other utterance (close to the standard English meaning). “That was the one I saw you.” “I can't parse that.” 2. More generally, to understand or comprehend. “It's very simple; you just kretch the glims and then aos the zotz.” “I can't parse that.” 3. Of fish, to have to remove the bones yourself. “I object to parsing fish”, means “I don't want to get a whole fish, but a sliced one is okay”. A parsed fish has been deboned. There is some controversy over whether unparsed should mean ‘bony’, or also mean ‘deboned’.


  1. Parse

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Anagrams of parse »

  1. apers, apres, après, aprés, asper, as per, pares, pears, præs., rapes, reaps, RESPA, sarpe, spare, s

  2. Apers

  3. Apres

  4. As per

  5. Pares

  6. Pears

  7. Præs.

  8. Rapes

  9. Reaps

  10. RESPA

  11. Sarpe

Translations for parse

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • analitzarCatalan, Valencian
  • analysierenGerman
  • análisis, procesamiento, analizar, descomponer, resultado, procesarSpanish
  • jäsentäminen, jäsennys, jäsentää, lauseenjäsennys, jäsentelyFinnish
  • analyser, décomposerFrench
  • elemezHungarian
  • þáttaIcelandic
  • analizzareItalian
  • パーズ, 解析Japanese
  • analyse, ontleding, parse, ontleden, parsen, analyserenDutch
  • analisar, decompor, processarPortuguese
  • анализ, анализировать, разбирать, разбор, разобратьRussian
  • analysera, parsning, syntaxanalysSwedish

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