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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

par•don*ˈpɑr dn(n.)

  1. kind indulgence, as in forgiveness for an offense or in tolerance of an inconvenience:

    I beg your pardon.

  2. a legal release from the penalty of an offense, as by an official. a document declaring such release.

    Category: Law

  3. forgiveness of an offense or offender.

  4. Obs. a papal indulgence.

    Category: Religion

  5. (v.t.)to excuse or make courteous allowance for:

    Pardon me for interfering.

  6. to release (a person) from liability for an offense.

  7. to remit the penalty of (an offense).

  8. (interj.)(used with rising inflection when asking a speaker to repeat something.)

    Category: Common Vocabulary

* Syn: pardon , amnesty , reprieve refer to the remission or delay of a penalty or punishment for an offense; these terms do not imply absolution from guilt. A pardon is often granted by a government official; it releases the individual from any punishment due: The governor granted a pardon to the prisoner.amnesty is usu. a general pardon granted to a group of persons for offenses against a government; it often includes an assurance of no further prosecution: to grant amnesty to the rebels. A reprieve is a delay of impending punishment, usu. for a specific period of time or until a decision can be made as to the possibility of pardon or reduction of sentence: a last-minute reprieve, allowing the prisoner to file an appeal. See also excuse.

Origin of pardon:

1250–1300; < OF pardon remission, indulgence, <pardoner < ML perdōnāre to remit, forgive = L per-per - +dōnāre to give (see donate )


Princeton's WordNet

  1. forgiveness, pardon(noun)

    the act of excusing a mistake or offense

  2. pardon, amnesty(noun)

    a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense

  3. amnesty, pardon, free pardon(verb)

    the formal act of liberating someone

  4. excuse, pardon(verb)

    accept an excuse for

    "Please excuse my dirty hands"

  5. pardon(verb)

    grant a pardon to

    "Ford pardoned Nixon"; "The Thanksgiving turkey was pardoned by the President"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. pardon(verb)ˈpɑr dn

    to officially forgive sb and allow them to leave prison

    The President pardoned both men.

  2. pardonˈpɑr dn

    used to politely ask sb to repeat sth you did not hear

    Pardon me? I didn't hear your name.

  3. pardonˈpɑr dn

    used for asking sb politely to move

    Pardon me, could I just get past?

  4. pardonˈpɑr dn

    used to apologize for doing sth impolite

    Pardon me. Forgive me for interrupting.

  5. pardon(noun)ˈpɑr dn

    an official statement that allows sb to leave prison

    a presidential pardon

  6. pardon(interjection)ˈpɑr dn

    used to ask sb politely to repeat sth

    Pardon? Did you say left or right?


  1. pardon(Noun)

    Forgiveness for an offence.

  2. pardon(Noun)

    An order that releases a convicted criminal without further punishment, prevents future punishment, or (in some jurisdictions) removes an offence from a person's criminal record, as if it had never been committed.

  3. pardon(Verb)

    To forgive.

  4. pardon(Verb)

    To grant an official pardon for a crime; unguilt.

  5. Origin: pardonen from pardoner from *, from per- + donare, a loan-translation of a word represented by *, from fir- + geban. Akin to fargeban, firgeban, forgiefan. More at forgive.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pardon(verb)

    the act of pardoning; forgiveness, as of an offender, or of an offense; release from penalty; remission of punishment; absolution

  2. Pardon(verb)

    an official warrant of remission of penalty

  3. Pardon(verb)

    the state of being forgiven

  4. Pardon(verb)

    a release, by a sovereign, or officer having jurisdiction, from the penalties of an offense, being distinguished from amenesty, which is a general obliteration and canceling of a particular line of past offenses

  5. Pardon(verb)

    to absolve from the consequences of a fault or the punishment of crime; to free from penalty; -- applied to the offender

  6. Pardon(verb)

    to remit the penalty of; to suffer to pass without punishment; to forgive; -- applied to offenses

  7. Pardon(verb)

    to refrain from exacting as a penalty

  8. Pardon(verb)

    to give leave (of departure) to


  1. Pardon

    A pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation of the relevant penalty; it is usually granted by a head of state or by acts of a parliament or a religious authority. Clemency means the forgiveness of a crime or the cancellation of the penalty associated with it. It is a general concept that encompasses several related procedures: pardoning, commutation, remission and reprieves. Commutation or remission is the lessening of a penalty without forgiveness for the crime; the beneficiary is still considered guilty of the offense. A reprieve is the temporary postponement of punishment, often with a view to a pardon or other review of the sentence. Today, pardons are granted in many countries when individuals have demonstrated that they have fulfilled their debt to society, or are otherwise considered to be deserving. Pardons are sometimes offered to persons who are wrongfully convicted or claim they have been wrongfully convicted. Some believe accepting such a pardon implicitly constitutes an admission of guilt as a pardon does not set aside the conviction, so in some cases the offer is refused. Cases of wrongful conviction are nowadays more often dealt with by appeal than by pardon however, a pardon is sometimes offered when innocence is undisputed to avoid the costs of a retrial. Clemency plays a very important role when capital punishment is applied.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'pardon' in Written Corpus Frequency: #726

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'pardon' in Nouns Frequency: #2090

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He prayed for pardon for his wickedness.

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