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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Panacea(noun)

    (Greek mythology) the goddess of healing; daughter of Aesculapius and sister of Hygeia

  2. panacea, nostrum, catholicon, cure-all(noun)

    hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists


  1. panacea(Noun)

    A remedy believed to cure all disease and prolong life that was originally sought by alchemists; a cure-all.

  2. panacea(Noun)

    Something that will solve all problems.

    A monorail will be a panacea for our traffic woes.

  3. panacea(Noun)

    A particular plant believed to provide a cure-all.

  4. Panacea(ProperNoun)

    Daughter of Asclepius and Salus (or Epione). She was the personification of healing through herbs.

  5. Origin: From panacea, from πανάκεια, from πανακής, from πᾶν (equivalent to English pan-) + ἄκος.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Panacea(noun)

    a remedy for all diseases; a universal medicine; a cure-all; catholicon; hence, a relief or solace for affliction

  2. Panacea(noun)

    the herb allheal

  3. Origin: [L., fr. Gr. pana`keia fr. panakh`s all-healing; pa^s pa^n, all + 'akei^sqai to heal.]


  1. Panacea

    In Greek mythology, Panacea was a goddess of Universal remedy. She was the daughter of Asclepius and Epione. Panacea and her four sisters each performed a facet of Apollo's art: Panacea, Hygieia, Iaso, Aceso, and Aglæa/Ægle. Panacea also had four brothers – Podaleirus, one of the two kings of Tricca, who had a flair for diagnostics, and Machaon, the other king of Tricca, who was a master surgeon; Telesphoros, who devoted his life to serving Asclepius; and Aratus, her stepbrother, who was a Greek hero and the patron/liberator of Sicyon. Panacea was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea in medicine, a substance meant to cure all diseases. The term is also used figuratively as something intended to completely solve a large, multi-faceted problem.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Panacea

    pan-a-sē′a, n. a universal medicine: (bot.) the plant Allheal (Valeriana officinalis). [Gr. panakeiapas, pan, all, akos, cure.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of panacea in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of panacea in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Tom Peters:

    Communication is everyone's panacea for everything.

  2. Los Angeles:

    It's probably not going to be a panacea but it's going to improve things, at the very least, it's a gigantic first step.

  3. Los Angeles:

    It’s probably not going to be a panacea but it’s going to improve things, at the very least, it’s a gigantic first step.

  4. Gary Paulin:

    We all know QE is no panacea. It won't fix the problems of Europe, only reforms can do that, but one thing we have learnt is that money printing is good for equity values.

  5. Thomas Szasz:

    The greatest analgesic, soporific, stimulant, tranquilizer, narcotic, and to some extent even antibiotic --in short, the closest thing to a genuine panacea --known to medical science is work.

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