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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pal•frey*ˈpɔl fri(n.)(pl.)-freys.

  1. a riding horse, as distinguished from a war horse.

    Category: Dogs, Cats, and Horses

  2. a saddle horse particularly suitable for a woman.

    Category: Dogs, Cats, and Horses

* Archaic..

Origin of palfrey:

1200–50; ME palefrei < OF < LL paraverēdus post horse for byways, prob. lit., spare horse = Gk para-para -1+ L verēdus fast breed of horse < Gaulish < Celtic *woreidos> Welsh gorwydd horse

Princeton's WordNet

  1. palfrey(noun)

    especially a light saddle horse for a woman


  1. palfrey(Noun)

    a small horse for women to ride

  2. Origin: from palefrei, from palefroi, from paraveredus, compound of παρά, from πάριππος and *verēdos 'charger' (compare Welsh gorwydd).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Palfrey(noun)

    a saddle horse for the road, or for state occasions, as distinguished from a war horse

  2. Palfrey(noun)

    a small saddle horse for ladies


  1. Palfrey

    A palfrey is a type of horse that was highly valued as a riding horse in the Middle Ages. It is not a breed. The word "palfrey" is cognate with the German word for horse, "Pferd". Both descend from Latin "paraveredus", meaning a post horse or courier horse. The German term for a palfrey, meanwhile, is Zelter, which literally means "ambler" and is cognate with the Icelandic tölt.


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