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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pa•laes•tra*pəˈlɛs trə(n.)(pl.)-tras, -trae

  1. (in ancient Greece) a building with a courtyard for training in wrestling and other sports, usu. part of a gymnasium.

    Category: Antiquities

* (-trē)..

Origin of palaestra:

1375–1425; late ME palestre < L palaestra < Gk palaístra = palais-, var. s. of palaíein to wrestle + -tra suffix of place

Princeton's WordNet

  1. palestra, palaestra(noun)

    a public place in ancient Greece or Rome devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes


  1. palaestra(Noun)

    A public area in ancient Greece and Rome dedicated to the teaching and practice of wrestling and other sports; a wrestling school, a gymnasium.

  2. palaestra(Noun)

    An arena for literal or figurative combat; a battlefield.

  3. Origin: From palestre, and its source, palaestra, from παλαίστρα, from παλαίειν.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Palaestra(noun)

    see Palestra


  1. Palaestra

    The palaestra was the ancient Greek wrestling school. The events that did not require a lot of space, such as boxing and wrestling, were practised there. The palaestra functioned both independently and as a part of public gymnasia; a palaestra could exist without a gymnasium, but no gymnasium could exist without a palaestra.


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