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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pa•ja•mas*pəˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz(n.)

  1. nightclothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and a jacket.

    Category: Clothing

  2. loose trousers of silk, cotton, etc., orig. worn in India and parts of the Middle East.

    Category: Clothing

    Ref: Also, esp. Brit., pyjamas.

* (used with a pl. v.).

Origin of pajamas:

1870–75; pl. of pajama < Hindi, var. of pāyjāma < Pers pāy leg +jāma garment


Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. pajamas(noun)əˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz

    a pair of pants and a top made of soft material for sleeping in

    flowery pajamas


  1. pajamas(Noun)

    Clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting shirt and pants/trousers.

  2. pajamas(Noun)

    Loose-fitting trousers worn by both sexes in various southern Asian countries including India.

  3. Origin: From the پايجامه via / पैजामा.


  1. Pajamas

    Pajamas in US English, spelt pyjamas in British English, often shortened to PJs or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing. The original pāijāma are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes. In many English-speaking nations, pyjamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging, also by both sexes. More generally, pajamas may refer to several garments, for both daywear and nightwear, derived from traditional pajamas and involving variations of style and material. The word pyjama or pajama, which originally derives from the Persian word پايجامه, was incorporated into the English language during the British Raj through the Hindustani language.


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