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Princeton's WordNet

  1. padlock(verb)

    a detachable lock; has a hinged shackle that can be passed through the staple of a hasp or the links in a chain and then snapped shut

  2. padlock(verb)

    fasten with a padlock


  1. padlock(Noun)

    A detachable lock that can be used to secure something by means of a sliding or hinged shackle

  2. padlock(Verb)

    To lock using a padlock.

  3. Origin: padlok, from pad-, of unknown origin, + lok

Webster Dictionary

  1. Padlock(noun)

    a portable lock with a bow which is usually jointed or pivoted at one end so that it can be opened, the other end being fastened by the bolt, -- used for fastening by passing the bow through a staple over a hasp or through the links of a chain, etc

  2. Padlock(noun)

    fig.: A curb; a restraint

  3. Padlock(verb)

    to fasten with, or as with, a padlock; to stop; to shut; to confine as by a padlock

  4. Origin: [Perh. orig., a lock for a pad gate, or a gate opening to a path, or perh., a lock for a basket or pannier, and from Prov. E. pad a pannier. Cf. Pad a path, Paddler.]


  1. Padlock

    Padlocks are detachable locking devices used to protect against unauthorized use, vandalism, and theft. They are designed to protect against some degree of surreptitious and forced entry.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Erin Burnett:

    I just don't know, you'll have to ask him that question. Look, I hope he's fine because I think it would be a shame. What he's saying is these things happen. It'd be nice if he said none of these things did happen. He's saying these things happen and therefore I have credibility. And what I'm saying is, I'd rather have them if they didn't happen. I don't want somebody who hit somebody in the face with a padlock.

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