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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Pa•ni•niˈpɑ ni ni for 1 ; pɑˈni ni for 2(n.)

  1. fl. c400 b .c ., Indian grammarian of Sanskrit.

    Category: Biography

  2. Category: Biography

    Ref: Pannini , Giovanni Paolo.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Panini(noun)

    Indian grammarian whose grammatical rules for Sanskrit are the first known example of descriptive linguistics (circa 400 BC)


  1. panini(Noun)

    A type of sandwich made of a small loaf of bread, cut horizontally, filled with salami, ham, meat, cheese or other food.

  2. Origin: panini, the plural of panino


  1. Panini

    In Italy, panino is the word for a sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread, in which case Italians call it a tramezzino. Examples of bread types used are ciabatta, rosetta and baguette. The bread is cut horizontally and filled with deli ingredients such as salami, ham, cheese, mortadella, or other food, and sometimes served warm after having been pressed by a warming grill. A toasted sandwich made from sliced bread is not called "panino" but "toast" by Italians, and is usually filled with ham and a few slices of cheese, and heated in sandwich press. A popular version of panino in Central Italy is filled with porchetta, slices of pork roasted with garlic, salt, rosemary, and sage. In the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, the term panini has been adopted to refer to a pressed and toasted sandwich; there is widespread availability and use of sandwich presses, often known as "panini presses" or "toasted sandwich makers."

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Pánini

    a celebrated Sanskrit grammarian, whose work is of standard authority among Hindu scholars, and who lived some time between 600 and 300 B.C.


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