Definitions for overwinterˌoʊ vərˈwɪn tər

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  1. overwinter(Verb)

    To keep or preserve for the winter.

    It is best to overwinter tender plants indoors.

  2. overwinter(Verb)

    To spend the winter (in a particular place).

    Insects may overwinter in fallen fruit if it is not removed.


  1. Overwintering

    Overwintering is the process by which some organisms pass through or wait out the winter season, or pass through that period of the year when "winter" conditions make normal activity or even survival difficult or near impossible. In some cases "winter" is characterized not necessarily by cold but by dry conditions; passing through such periods could likewise be called overwintering. Hibernation and migration are the two major ways in which overwintering is accomplished. Overwintering occurs in several classes of lifeform: In entomology, overwintering is how an insect passes the winter season. Many insects overwinter as adults, pupae, or eggs. This can be done inside buildings, under tree bark, or beneath fallen leaves or other plant matter on the ground, among other places. All such overwintering sites shield the insect from adverse conditions associated with winter. Activity almost completely ceases until conditions become more favourable. One example is the Mourning Cloak butterfly, which experiences advantages to overwintering in their desired locations by being one of the first butterflies to emerge after a cold winter.


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