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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

o•ver•killˈoʊ vərˌkɪl(n.)

  1. the capacity to destroy by nuclear weapons more of an enemy than would be necessary for a victory.

  2. an instance of such destruction.

  3. an excess of what is suitable.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. overkill(noun)

    the capability to obliterate a target with more weapons (especially nuclear weapons) than are required

  2. overkill(noun)

    any effort that seems to go farther than would be necessary to achieve its goal


  1. overkill(Noun)

    A destructive capacity that exceeds that needed to destroy an enemy; especially with nuclear weapons.

  2. overkill(Noun)

    An unnecessary excess of whatever is needed to achieve a goal.

  3. overkill(Verb)

    To destroy something with more (nuclear) force than is required.


  1. Overkill

    Overkill is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal. It implies that, while the goal was accomplished, there was collateral damage as a result. It may be a literal term referring to physical damage, though it is also used in colloquial conversation as a metaphor.


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