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Princeton's WordNet

  1. outward(adj)

    relating to physical reality rather than with thoughts or the mind

    "a concern with outward beauty rather than with inward reflections"

  2. outbound, outward, outward-bound(adverb)

    that is going out or leaving

    "the departing train"; "an outward journey"; "outward-bound ships"

  3. outward, outwards(adverb)

    toward the outside

    "move the needle further outward!"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. outward(adjective)ˈaʊt wərd

    ≠ inward

    The community showed little outward reaction to the news.

  2. outwardˈaʊt wərd


    the outward expansion of the city; an outward-looking foreign policy

  3. outward(adverb)ˈaʊt wərd

    out or away from an original location

    The ripples on the pond moved outward.


  1. outward(Adverb)

    Towards the outside; away from the centre.

    We are outward bound.

  2. outward(Adverb)

    Outwardly, in outer appearances; publicly.

  3. outward(Adjective)

    outer; located towards the outside

  4. outward(Adjective)

    visible, noticeable

    By all outward indications, he's a normal happy child, but if you talk to him, you will soon realize he has some psychological problems.

Translations for outward

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


on or towards the outside; able to be seen

Judging by his outward appearance, he's not very rich; no outward sign of unhappiness.

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