Definitions for outlandˈaʊtˌlænd; ˈaʊtˌlænd, -lənd

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out•landˈaʊtˌlænd; ˈaʊtˌlænd, -lənd(n.; adj.)

  1. Usu., outlands. the outlying districts or remote regions of a country; provinces.

  2. a foreign land.

  3. (formerly) the outlying land of a feudal estate.

  4. (adj.)outlying, as districts.

  5. foreign.

Origin of outland:

bef. 950


  1. outland(Noun)

    Any outlying area of a country; the provinces.

  2. outland(Adjective)

    Provincial: from a province (of the same land).

  3. outland(Adjective)

    Foreign: from abroad, from a foreign land.

  4. outland(Adjective)

    Living abroad, living in a foreign land.

  5. Origin: From ūtland ("foreign land, land abroad"), equivalent to out + land. Use in the phrase "outland German" is influenced by (or is a calque of) the German cognate of the same meaning, Auslandsdeutsche (see Ausland). Use in the phrase "outland Chinese" is influenced by (or is a calque of) the Chinese term of the same meaning, 華僑 / 华侨 (huáqiáo).


  1. Outland

    Outland was a Sunday-only comic strip written and illustrated by Berkeley Breathed from 1989 until 1995. It was a spin-off of Breathed's strip Bloom County, featuring many of the same characters.


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