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  1. not in the usual place, position, state, etc.:

    out of alphabetical order.

  2. away from one's home, country, work, etc., as specified:

    to go out of town.

  3. in or into the outdoors:

    to go out for a walk.

  4. to a state of exhaustion or depletion:

    to pump a well out.

  5. to the end or conclusion, a final decision, etc.:

    to say it all out.

  6. to a point or state of extinction:

    a practice on the way out.

  7. in or into a state of neglect, disuse, etc.:

    That style has gone out.

  8. so as not to be in the normal or proper position or state; out of joint:

    Her back went out after her fall.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  9. in or into public notice or knowledge:

    The truth is out at last.

  10. on strike:

    The miners go out at midnight.

  11. so as to project or extend:

    to stretch out.

  12. from a specified source or material:

    made out of scraps.

  13. so as to deprive or be deprived:

    to be cheated out of one's money.

  14. aloud or loudly:

    to cry out.

  15. thoroughly; completely; entirely:

    The children tired me out.

  16. so as to obliterate or make undecipherable:

    to cross out a misspelling; to ink out.

  17. (adj.)not at one's home or place of employment; absent:

    I stopped by to visit you, but you were out.

  18. not open to consideration; out of the question:

    She gets airsick, so flying is out.

  19. wanting; lacking; without:

    We had some but now we're out.

  20. removed from or not in effective operation, play, etc., as in a game:

    He's out for the season with a leg injury.

  21. no longer holding a job, public office, etc.; unemployed (usu. fol. by of):

    to be out of work.

  22. inoperative; extinguished:

    The elevator is out. Are the lights out?

  23. finished; ended:

    before the week is out.

  24. not currently fashionable or in vogue:

    Fitted waistlines are out this season.

  25. unconscious; senseless:

    Two drinks and he's usually out.

  26. not in power, authority, or the like:

    a member of the out party.

    Category: Government

  27. Baseball. (of a batter) not succeeding in getting on base. (of a base runner) not successful in an attempt to advance a base or bases.

    Category: Sport

  28. out of bounds.

  29. having a financial loss to an indicated extent:

    out millions when the market crashed.

    Category: Business

  30. incorrect or inaccurate:

    calculations out by $247.

  31. not in practice:

    Your bow hand is out.

  32. beyond the usual range, size, weight, etc. (often used in combination):

    an outsize bed.

  33. threadbare or having holes:

    out at the knees.

  34. not available:

    Mums are out till next fall.

  35. external; outer.

  36. located at a distance; outlying:

    the out islands.

  37. Cricket. not having its innings:

    the out side.

    Category: Sport

  38. Slang.openly homosexual:

    an out lesbian.

    Category: Status (usage)

  39. indicating the first nine holes of an 18-hole golf course (opposed to in):

    an out score of 33.

    Category: Sport

  40. (prep.)(used to indicate movement or direction from the inside to the outside of something):

    She ran out the door.

  41. (used to indicate location):

    The car is out back.

  42. (used to indicate movement away from a central point):

    Let's drive out the old parkway.

  43. (interj.)begone! away!

  44. (used in radio communications to signify that the sender has finished the message and is not expecting a reply.)

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Radio and Television

    Ref: Compare over (def. 46). 1 61

  45. Archaic. (an exclamation of indignation, reproach, etc.) (usu. fol. by upon):

    Out upon you!

  46. (n.)a means of escape from responsibility, embarrassment, etc.:

    I had no out.

  47. Usu., outs. those persons or groups not in office or lacking status, power, or authority.

    Category: Government

  48. Baseball. a turn at bat that results in a put-out.

    Category: Sport

    Ref: put-out .

  49. (in tennis, squash, handball, etc.) an out-of-bounds return or service.

    Category: Sport

  50. something that is out, as a projecting corner.

  51. Print. an omission or deletion.

    Category: Printing

  52. (v.i.)to go or come out.

  53. to become public, evident, known, etc.:

    The truth will out.

  54. to make known; tell (fol. by with):

    Out with the truth!

  55. (v.t.)to eject or expel.

  56. to intentionally expose (a secret homosexual, esp. a public figure).

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  57. out of trim,Naut. (of a ship) drawing excessively at the bow or stern.

    Category: Idiom

Idioms for out:

  1. all out,with maximum effort; thoroughly or wholeheartedly:

    They went all out to finish by Friday.

    Category: Idiom

  2. on the outs,in a state of disagreement; quarreling; at odds.

    Category: Idiom

  3. out from under,rid of burdensome responsibilities, esp. free of debt.

    Category: Idiom

  4. out of, not within: beyond the reach of: not in a condition of: so as to deprive or be deprived of. from within or among: because of; owing to: foaled by:

    out of the house.

    out of hearing.

    out of danger.

    Take the jokers out of the pack.

    out of loyalty.

    Grey Dancer out of Lady Grey.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Idiom

  5. out of it, Informal. not participating. not conscious. confused; muddled.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Idiom, Informal

  6. out of place, not in the correct position or order. unsuitable to the circumstances or surroundings.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of out:

bef. 900; ME; OE ūt, c. OFris, OS ūt, OHG ūz, ON ūt; akin to Skt ud-


  1. a prefixal use of out , occurring in various senses in compounds (outcast; outcome; outside), and serving also to form transitive verbs denoting a going beyond, surpassing, or outdoing of the particular action indicated (outbid; outdo; outlast).

    Category: Affix

Origin of out-:

ME; OE ūt-; see out


  1. out-(Prefix)

    External to, on the outside of

  2. out-(Prefix)

    Toward the outside of, away from


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